Hi! I'm Chiara, GAMSAT Strategist & Tutor.


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Free "Never Do The GAMSAT Again" Tutoring Session - Read On To Find Out How!

Dr Tom and the Thank Flip team have helped thousands of people with their GAMSAT preparation over the last 15 years…

We LOVE doing it. We’re creating doctors everyday. Change lives. Make dreams come true.

For that reason, we’d love to talk to you on the phone about how to prepare for the GAMSAT to get your goal score.

It will go for about 10-20 minutes. We'll ask you a tonne of questions to see if we can help you or not, are we a good match or not... and if not, hey, no hard feelings. We'll let you know politely and send you in the right direction.

And if we can help, you'll tell us a bunch more about your prep, what you're hoping to achieve with medicine and we'll talk about our Bootcamp programs and go from there.

To have that chat, click below and enter your details.

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One the call we will:  

  • Take a deep-dive into your current preparation or lack thereof 
  • Cover what the GAMSAT is really testing and where you fit in
  • Uncover your main hidden challenges and obstacles
  • Put together a plan of action for your prep
  • Leave you feeling more confident than ever!